What we do

RegAlert engages with large base owners, including call centres, retailers, insurers or banks – and has the ability to build programs of engagement that provide competitive edge.

A fundamental tenant of the RegAlert approach is our belief that providing assistance should be seen as a Profit Opportunity. In two ways: firstly, you wrap your client with care so that they come back to buy more from you, and secondly, you create the conditions to promote additional, paid-for assistance services. Everyone wins!

RegAlert focuses on adapting and re-modelling assistance services to support changing corporate requirements. Its technology platform enables rapid design of new services and the close examination of the performance of existing services

The RegAlert technology, and a customer driven culture – enables the company to develop unique, end-to-end client support programs.

The assistance game has changed. When technology enables you to know which client you are talking to before you pick up the phone, where your client is, precisely what services your client is entitled to and whether they are in good financial standing – you are assured of great service to deserving clients.

When this interaction is case-managed by a caring case manager and the appropriate services are seamlessly deployed with the help of web services, you have the dual benefit of great service at a much reduced cost.

Client A needs to demonstrate its care and recognition for its client base by embedding a suite of emergency support services available from a cell phone support button – with registration at the point of purchase on a car dealer floor. The cell phone support button becomes the single point of access for emergencies, maintenance, insurance claims and repairs – managed 24/7 offsite.

Client B wishes to improve their insurance model. By integrating client and accident data into the legal processes, Client B can boldly take the initiative and improves recovery substantially.

Client C engages with 6 million people on a monthly basis but only has a single product offering. RegAlert technology enables a new conversation with the audience about new financial services and business model undergoes fundamental change.