The Team

RegAlert combines service, technology and banking experience into a creative and collaborative team. We take pride in our product factory and in responding the constant demands for innovation by the clients. Everyone who works at RegAlert understands the responsibility of creating and managing services that change consumer’s lives…


John Raath


John brings significant experience in the service industry to the team, having worked at senior levels for Nedbank and MasterCard, both in South Africa and abroad, and having developed several service businesses over the last twenty years.

John’s collaborative approach and his entrepreneurial style brings genuine value to interactions with clients.


Garry Pruss


Garry makes use of fifteen years in service businesses to manage 175000 demanding members, 24/7, 365, out of RegAlert’s Johannesburg call centre. Providing value to members, whether they are in an emergency, need to be helped quickly or if they want to benefit from any of RegAlert’s convenience offering, is what drives Garry.


Fabio Taddei


A technology veteran, who prides himself on running a powerful Caché database environment, with a range of applications and tools that are so nimble that he can’t wait to get his teeth into the next challenge. Fabio is responsible for creating solutions to the never-ending client challenges - and making sure the investment in our state-of-the-art Caché platform gives us genuine advantage.